Skateboarding in your mid-30s. What could go wrong?

Brains in jars. Gay sex. Killer puppets.

Hey, athletes. Studies say you can have all the sex you want and it won't affect your performance. Yay, studies!

Willem Dafoe talks about getting into character as the walking dead and working with John Malkovich. Also, filmmaker Elias Merhige chimes in with his thoughts on Wittgenstien and the films of F.W. Murnau.

Would-be web slinger Dan Poole damn-near kills himself to make a Spider-Man home movie. Lazy writers have a new enemy in To catch a cheat.

Parents running drug tests on their kids — a bad idea or a horrible idea?

"Oh, I agree it's offensive. But I think stereotypes are really funny." Comic Marc Hickox embraces the culture of Germany.

Eighty-eight comics enter, one comic leaves.

"In television you can get away with doing less. If I have six good jokes in half an hour that'll probably do it," says CBC mainstay Steve "Red Green" Smith.

Remember the Frantics? Anyone?

"I tried to get the best mattress that had the least amount of bodily fluids on it." Wrestler and action hero Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recalls his glory days with the CFL.

That ringing in your ears could mean you've got permanent hearing damage. The voices in your head are an altogether different problem.

Dated, but still chock full of keen trivia, Let's party like it's 6240 explains why the year 2000 was always old news.

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