It's been roughly 15 years since Sean started working as a journalist. And maybe ten since he started getting paid for it. He started out, like so many other talkative malcontents, doing news at his college radio station and, later, freelanced for a handful of U.S. and Canadian magazines — mostly short, pop-culture pieces for the short-lived likes of Swing and P.O.V.

(This was back in the mid-'90s, when every third magazine was a Gen X magazine.)

With the explosion of the web came an actual job and Sean joined, a big daily news and entertainment site run by The Toronto Star, where he worked as a general assignment reporter, editor and, on those rare occasions when he got out from behind his desk, sometimes doubled as a photographer.

He then got into print as deputy editor of both Famous and Famous Kids, the in-theatre magazines of Famous Players Theatres, and for two years hammered out countless pages of movie and entertainment news.

Until recently Sean was news editor at Playback and Playback Daily ("the Variety of the North") and spent most of his time writing about the film and television industries of Canada. He also covers the Toronto comedy scene for local freebie Eye Weekly and is a pop-culture commentator on CBC's Canada Now.

Sean's an avid runner and cyclist and, when he's not catching up on sleep, reads a lot of magazines, comics and newspapers. He lives in Toronto, Canada and plays his music too loud.